We woke up Friday and decided to head to the beach. When we were here in Southern California last summer, we took a trip out to Corona del Mar to go tide pooling. We had so much fun, we knew we wanted to go there again this summer.
So we packed up a lunch for the kids, gathered up our beach gear, and made the drive out to Corona del Mar to go tidepooling. It’s on our California bucket list here. The parking lot is near the main beach area, but if you keep driving to the end of the road, you can park on the street and walk down to the tide pool area.
Corona del Mar is one of my favorite beaches. It’s kind of like a little cove and is surrounded by cliffs on both sides. The cliffs block most of the wind, so it feels so much warmer down there.
We got to the beach, set down our stuff, and made a beeline for the tide pools. Last year when we were here, the kids climbed all over without a single complaint. This time around, the kids were still super grumpy from traveling and totally off their schedule. There were probably a hundred kids climbing in the tide pool area and only three of them were screaming. Ten points if you guess which three kids were screaming….
We did climb around and look at the tide pools, but it was a bit stressful. Ava was freaking out that the crabs were going to come and get her and Max and Lia were crying about their feet hurting. But we did see an octopus (well, one of his tentacles), a starfish, a few sea anemones and tons of crabs and hermit crabs.
We took a short break from tide pooling so the kids could calm down. Max ended up going to a different area with Josh and they had a good time with no fits. We spent another hour or two splashing in the waves, digging in the sand, and soaking up some sun.
When we left Corona del Mar, we took a detour to Fullerton to hit up our favorite SoCal pizza place: Pieology. (Pieology is also on our California bucket list!) I ate at Pieology a couple years ago with a friend and it’s become a must-go place for us on every California trip. It’s pizza made assembly-line style like Chipotle. You can put anything you want on your pizza and then they cook it in a brick oven. Our favorite is bbq chicken pizza… YUM!
After our late lunch, we headed to Anaheim to our friends’ house and the kids and I had a much-needed early bedtime.
On Saturday, we got up and headed to D’s Donuts for National Donut Day. Only it turned out NOT to be National Donut Day. Apparently it’s not June 1st… it’s the first Friday in June. Of course, we got donuts anyway!
After donuts, we dropped the kids off with Josh’s parents so we could photograph our friends Jackie and Brian’s wedding. It was an awesome day and we’ll be blogging photos from their wedding on our photography blog  once we get home and Josh edits them.
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