Sunday morning, we got up and drove out to pick up our kiddos. We headed to Josh’s grandparents’ house for a family lunch. We were exhausted from the wedding so it was super nice to have a calm day. After lunch, we loaded up the kiddos and headed down to Crescent Bay beach to meet our friend Tara and her family for a picnic.
We beat them there and the kids were itching to get in the water, so went running straight for the shoreline. Apparently June is the gloomiest month here in SoCal and the weather was showing it that day. The marine layer was thick and it was a little chilly, but that didn’t deter the kids from playing in the water. The sun kept threatening to pop out, but never quite did.
Once the kids had their fill and were freezing their tushies off, we got them all dried off and dressed in jeans and hoodies. Our friends arrived and we had a wonderful picnic dinner on the beach, with plenty of sand. That’s the only downfall of beach picnics… you have to get used to the flavor of sand because it will be in everything!
After dinner, all the kids set off to explore the rocky tidepool areas. I made the mistake of thinking my kids wouldn’t get wet again, but I was WRONG! They singlehandedly managed to soak every towel we brought and all their clothes. So much for backup clean clothes. Oh well… at least they had a fabulous time.
The kids have been pretty grumpy and tired this whole trip, but the one guarantee has been that the minute they step foot on the sand, their entire mood changes. They seem to magically get along. If only we had a beach in our backyard…
On Monday, we decided to head to Crystal Cove State Park beach with Josh’s parents. It’s basically in between Corona del Mar and Crescent Bay. We underestimated how long the walk would be from the parking area down to the shore. It took us a good twenty minutes to trek from the car down the steep path all the way to the beach area. The beach was gorgeous, but I don’t recommend it if you have little bitty kids with you.
Crystal Cove has incredible tidepools and the best part about them is that they require much less climbing out on big rocks than Corona del Mar does. There was even a little cave at the far end of the rocks. Max and Ava walked down that way but didn’t go into the cave because they didn’t want to climb across the rocks. Lia stayed down by the waves, running in and out of them screaming with delight.
Even though it was a chilly day, the kids spent a good couple hours playing in the ocean, splashing in the waves, trying to boogie board, jumping over waves, running from waves. It wasn’t exactly the sunny beach day I had been hoping for, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. The only thing we didn’t like about Crystal Cove was the squirrels. They kept getting into our stuff while we were in the water. I didn’t realize it until later, but they actually chewed holes right through all of our reusable bags to get to our food. So come prepared if you ever visit this beach!
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  • Gorgeous photo!  Next you need a photo of Josh throwing you up in the air, Jenny!  🙂  I guess the people who live in those giant houses have children who always get along, right?  🙂  I love the last two of her washing her feet off.

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