Saturday, we had a pretty lazy day. Our girls spent most of the morning playing with the Christenson’s girls and Max curled up on the couch with Harry Potter and didn’t move. I was really hoping for a 75 and sunny kind of beach day, but it just wasn’t happening that day. It was cloudy and chilly. But we were SO close to the beach so we decided we should go anyway. We had planned to surf while we were in Oceanside, but there was a big swell that weekend, so it wasn’t safe for us since we don’t exactly know what we’re doing.
We packed up all the kids and headed out to Buccaneer Beach to collect seashells. We spent quite a long time scouring the beach for just the right shells and were joined by our friends the Regniers and the McKeemans. It’s kind of just understood that anytime we go to the beach, our kids WILL get in the ocean. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, they always end up in the water. Luckily we were prepared for wet kids. We didn’t properly prepare for lunch though and before we knew it, we were all starving.
We left the beach and headed to Bull Taco, a local favorite. We scarfed down tacos and nachos and quesadillas, then headed back to the Christenson’s house to take a rest. The girls made mud pies and Max kept reading. That evening, we headed to a playground so the kids could burn off some energy.
On Sunday, we had another low-key day, which is exactly what we were needing by this point in the trip. The kids were finally adjusted to California time, but they were still pretty grumpy. We spent the morning hanging out at the house, then drove to the playground at the beach. We let the kids play for awhile then we walked by the harbor (where they saw a California sea lion up close!) on the way to our car. We said goodbye to our friends and made the LOOOONG drive up to Bolsa Chica beach.
When we were in California last summer, we had a bonfire at Bolsa Chica beach. We had a great time, even though we didn’t plan it well and I had to take the kids home early. This year, we were determined to get it right and so we put it on our summer bucket list. I made sure we brought the kids swimming stuff and we got a much earlier start. We had a lot of friends join us and the kids had an incredible time, splashing in the waves, wrestling in the sand, making s’mores, and being wild. Overall, I would say our bonfire was a huge success… Lia even fell asleep in the car on the way back to Corona.
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