On our very last day in California, we decided to make the most of it and squeeze in one more trip to the beach. We woke up, packed up all our stuff, and drove to Seal Beach. The kids ran through the waves, splashing and laughing as usual. It was definitely chillier than they would have liked since it was morning when we went.
We have boogie boarding on our summer bucket list so we figured we had to do it. We won’t be at another beach as a family this summer. Last year we went boogie boarding in Destin and the kids LOVED it! We didn’t exactly calculate the water temperature into the equation this time though and getting them to boogie board was a bit of a disaster. None of the kids really wanted to get very deep in the cold water, so they kept trying to ride the baby waves in, which just resulted in them flopping into the sand and going nowhere. So boogie boarding was a bit of a bust… but we still enjoyed our last beach trip!
When we finally dragged ourselves away from the beach, we stopped at Great Grandma and Grandpa’s house for one last visit before heading home. We had an uneventful flight back to Kansas City and rolled up at the house around midnight… good thing the kids were still on California time!
This trip to California was quite different than most of our vacations. We typically do a lot more adventuring than we did on this trip. I have to say that I really enjoyed just hanging out at the beach so much. We went so many times that our kids actually said they were tired of going to the beach. (They changed their minds promptly once we were back in Kansas City and asked to go again…) The hardest part about visiting SoCal is that we have so many friends and family who live there, it’s very hard to see everyone! So we spent our two weeks running around like crazy trying to squeeze it all in.
And the beach was a solid hour drive from where we were staying in Corona… Well, an hour without traffic. One of these days, my plan is to just rent a house at the beach for a week and call it done. Maybe next summer…
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