Monday morning arrived too quickly, as usually happens when you put the kids to bed WAY too late. Luckily for us, the Hurlburt kids woke up happy. We headed out to Excelsior with them to shoot some happy family portraits (photos coming soon!).
After our photo session, we decided to grab some lunch at Joey Nova’s before heading to Minnehaha Falls. The service at Joey Nova’s was slooooow, but the food was good. Lia had another epic meltdown when we arrived at the falls, but luckily it only lasted about 5 minutes. After she had followed me down to the waterfall area screaming at me, I saw the Wheel Fun Rentals booth and asked her if she wanted to rent a bike. She stopped screaming immediately and said yes.
I did a quick search on Groupon (thanks to a heads up from the girl at the counter) and we scored a surrey rental for just $15! Since we had Josh’s parents with us, we got the double surrey and piled into it for a ride. It was melting hot that day, but we had a really good 1.5 mile ride around the park. We only got lost once and stuck once ☺ If you’ve never rented a surrey before, you just have to do it. You look absolutely ridiculous and you peddle as hard as you can and barely go anywhere. But the kids love it!
After the bike ride, we filled up our water bottles and headed down the trail to check out Minnehaha Falls. We were on the trail for about an hour and a half, but we only covered a very small part of the trail. It was so awesome we kept getting distracted. The first section just has some lookout points to see the waterfall from the bottom.
The kids were so eager to get into the water, but it didn’t really look safe. The water was rushing past pretty quickly, so we decided against it. We walked further down the trail and they found a place to climb. It was pretty steep but we all climbed to the top and Max and Ava had fun sliding down the rocks to get down.
Lia’s a little more reserved and cautious, but she enjoyed it as well. One thing I’ve learned with her is that you just have to let her go at her own pace and make up her own mind if she is going to do something. And I forget sometimes that she is the littlest, so it’s harder for her.
After we dragged them away from the climbing area, we happened upon the best part of the trail (well, the best part that we saw considering we didn’t get any further than there). There was a great little spot where people were playing in the water. It was kind of blocked off to make a little pool and some people were out wading in the rapids as well.
The kids had their shoes off and were in the water so fast! I had no idea there would be a place for them to play in the water, but they were great sports about getting in and getting soaked in their clothes. Max and Ava loved it when Josh dragged them out into the rapids and Lia really liked the little pool area. We let them play for awhile and then realized that we had better get back to our car before our parking meter expired.
We finally dragged them out of the water and hiked back up to the top of the falls. We stopped into Sea Salt Eatery to grab some ice cream and then loaded back into the car. We headed back to the Hurlburts for a barbecue dinner and then decided to put the crazies to bed a little earlier than last night!
One of our favorite things about traveling is all the awesome people we get to meet, photograph, and spend time with! We had a great time with the Hurlburts and had to drag ourselves to bed around midnight every night.
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