Full disclosure: today sucked. It was probably one of the worst travel days we’ve ever had as a family. I knew we were pushing our luck keeping the kids up so late at the Mall of America. Lia had a meltdown before we even got on the road. We met some friends for breakfast at Blackbird café. The kids were antsy and whiny and antagonizing each other the entire time we were there. (Sidenote: the food was incredible! I highly recommend this café if you’re ever visiting Minneapolis… even if you have to take grumpy kids with you.)
In an attempt to cheer everyone up a little bit, I told the kids to keep their eyes peeled for billboards with fun attractions on them. We knew we were headed to the middle of nowhere, so we weren’t exactly holding our breath that we’d find something interesting.
We lucked out and Max saw a billboard for a store that sold cheese, so we stopped. Lia and I had a battle about whether or not she was going to get out of the car, but I won. We walked around the Grande Depot and bought a couple different kinds of cheese, some bread, and I got a bottle of wine.
And then we got back on the road. We drove and we drove and finally we decided to stop and do a little geocaching in hopes of having happy kids. It seemed like our plan was going to work until we found the first geocache. It had treasure to trade, but of course only had two ninja turtles. We spent the next five minutes trying to referee the fighting over who would get a ninja turtle and who would be out of luck.
Finally Max decided he didn’t want one, but then Ava didn’t want it if Max wasn’t getting one. So Lia ended up with both ninja turtles, but then we had to find another geocache. The second one was a lot trickier and it involved Josh climbing through tall grass and all of us with biting ants crawling all over us. Luckily, Josh found the cache and it had treasure, so all was right in the world again… at least for five minutes.
From there, the day only went downhill. I have to believe the fact that we kind of accidentally skipped lunch probably only compounded the fact that everyone was over tired. Either way, we arrived in Fargo, ND around 4:30 pm and headed straight to Olive Garden for dinner. At that point, we decided to book a hotel room in Fargo instead of driving on to Jamestown that night.
I used my Priceline app to get us a room and we headed straight there. We let the kids have a quick swim in the pool, gave them a bath, let them watch a few innings of the Minnesota baseball game on tv, and then put them to bed early.
Just in case you’ve never had the privilege of trying to get three kids to go to bed in the same room, I can just tell you it’s not fun. I bet it took half an hour to get them to settle down and quit fussing about how the others were being too loud or wiggling too much. (Sidenote: I figured out the best way to put them all to bed a couple days later… I put Lia to bed first, then Ava, then Max and spaced it out about 10 minutes. That worked so much better!)
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