There we were, 2 weeks before school started up again and we hadn’t yet taken a summer road trip. We realized we had a free week on the calendar and it was like the stars were aligned for us to take one. We presented two options to the kids… 1) the beach or 2) the mountains. They all voted mountains, so we packed up and headed to Colorado Springs, a place we visited 6 years ago on our first long family road trip. I was stoked because I just love the mountains so much and hope to move to Colorado one day, wife permitting.
Day one found us at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, one of our favorite zoos we’ve ever been to. We fed the giraffes (twice!). We watched grizzlies punching each other in the water. We got to see some rare wolves during feeding time. And we got to feed the birds (twice!)…it’s so well laid out and it’s on a mountain so you get a solid workout, too. We also got to see some lions ‘mating’ which was pretty cool, ha.
If you’re curious about what our trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo looked like 6 years ago, go ahead and click here.

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