Note: This is post 5 of a 12 post series of our family adventure in Thailand with our wonderful friends, the McManus family
Today was spent learning how to cook delicious Thai food with Benny at Benny’s Home Cooking in Chiang Mai. The day started bright + early as Benny picked us up, gave us menus to pick out what we wanted to make, and then took us to a local market to teach us about all the different spices + Thai foods. Max was excited about the tiny corn on the cobs we found. Note: the spicy sausage was AMAZING.
We then got back in the taxi and headed to Benny’s house where she walked us around her garden and taught us how to pick out the best herbs for our cooking. Then we spent the rest of the day cooking, lounging, eating, cooking, lounging, eating, lounging, cooking, eating and eating. 5 courses including the dessert.
I have to say, Max + Ava really got into the cooking. Lia would cook a bit then wander off. But what really surprised me was Max. He loved it so much he even tried darn near everything we made (and even liked some of it!).
What made this Thai cooking class the absolute best was Benny’s attitude and her big, beautiful smile. She made the whole day even more magical than it was just by cooking. I can’t imagine having a better time cooking food than with Benny leading us through it all.
Remember: “For good taste, keep smiling!”
After we made it back to the house, Jenny, Michael + Melissa headed out and I got to play Werewolf with all the littles which is quite an entertaining experience.
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