Note: This is post 7 of a 12 post series of our family adventure in Thailand with our wonderful friends, the McManus family
Our last day in Chiang Mai we decided to hike around the Doi Inthanon National Park. Home of the beautiful Doi Inthanon Temples + the highest point in all of Thailand. It was a long and gorgeous drive through the park. Lots of windy + steep roads our little cars sounded like they hated us at times going up those hills.
We ended the day with ice cream + a 2 hour drive to the airport to catch our midnight flight to Phuket (which was delayed!). And when we landed in Phuket we were told they only had 1 rental car available even though we confirmed we needed 2. Good times at 2 am in the Phuket airport with some super tired kids! We eventually made it (even after I left the GPS laying in the parking garage and had to sprint back to get it) to our house in Phuket about 3 am. #adventure.
loooking for do suthep temple in chiang mai dancing in the mist chiang mai thailand hiking in doi inthanon national park thailand elephant at doi inthanon national park chiang mai thailand doi inthanon hike thailand national park girl making silly face in thailand doi inthanon national park thailand kids outside the doi inthanon temple in thailand doi inthanon temple chiang mai thailand tired girl at doi inthanon temple in thailand fun on an escalator at doi inthanon temple in chiang mai doi inthanon temples chiang mai thailand beautiful thailand temples doi inthanon beautiful flowers at doi inthanon in chiang mai thailand girls playing hide and seek in chiang mai thailand boy exploring the doi inthanon temples in thailand girls posting at doi inthanon chiang mai thailand fun family portrait in chiang mia at doi inthanon temples girls running and playing at doi inthanon in chiang mai fun at Doi Inthanon Temples in Thailand McManus + Solar family portrait at Doi Inthanon Chiang Mai Eating ice cream at Doi Inthanon Temple in Chiang Mai Thailand Tired girl at the Chiang Mai Airport

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