Note: This is post 8 of a 12 post series of our family adventure in Thailand with our wonderful friends, the McManus family
We spent most of our time in Phuket at the beach. There are so many gorgeous beaches in Phuket. The kids said the waves of Thailand + the clear water made for the most fun they’ve ever had at the beach. I loved body surfing as the waves were strong enough to carry you all the way in (I did get slammed into the sand a few times as well, but it comes with the territory, I guess).
This post is filled with images from days 11, 12, 14 & 15. It’s a collection of scenes from our time spent at our beautiful Air BnB, Ya Nui Beach, Nai Harn Beach + Karon Beach. In Karon Beach I ate the spiciest pizza I’ve ever had in my life, even Ava tried it and liked it until it started burning her mouth. We ended that night with a stop at the fish spa, where hundreds of little fish ‘massage’ your feet. It tickles SO much!
fun in a pool in phuket sunset dinner in phuket thailand kids making sand castle in ya nui beach phuket thailand lounging in phuket thailand writing messages of encouragement in thai on rocks mother daughter portrait karon beach phuket underwater night swimming in thailand at air bnb nai harn beach phuket thailand fun nai harn phuket water portrait fun at karon beach in the waves big waves on karon beach thailand beautiful phuket beach karon beach thailand karon beach fun in the waves thailand chilling in water in karon beach thailand karon beach wave fun phuket thailand karon beach phuket thailand waves nai harn beach fun phuket bon amara awesome air bnb phuket rawai beach thailand karon beach fun phuket meditating in a bath in thailand fun at phuket air bnb in thailand bon amara boy in a pool father daughter tide pooling ya nui beach in phuket boy on the ya nui beach phuket thailand rocks sunset at ya nui beach phuket thailand dinner at ya nui beach phuket in thailand girl eating a big pancake in thailand daughters massaging moms in phuket thailand girls giving massages in phuket girl and a tiny palm tree spicy chili chicken pizza spicy chili pizza phuket fish spa in karon beach laughing at a fish spa in karon beach thailand mom and daughter at karon beach fish spa thailand

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