Note: This is post 11 of a 12 post series of our family adventure in Thailand with our wonderful friends, the McManus family
Driving around Phuket we kept seeing this big Buddha statue on top of a hill. On our last day in Phuket we decided to explore that area. It was such a cool place. We all got to witness some monks chanting/praying. We got blessed by a monk again (because any time you can get blessed by a monk you have to, right?). And we left a message on a gold leaf we may or may not return to see one day…
big buddha thailand big buddha phuket thailand big buddha thailand phuket blessed by a monk at big buddha phuket thailand chanting ceremony prayer big buddha phuket thailand family leaving messages of love at big buddha in phuket family writing on gold leaf at big buddha in phuket thailand love all serve all create no sorrow trevor hall lyric gold leaf big buddha phuket gold leaf be kind message hanging gold leaf big buddha phuket thailand tired girl at big buddha in phuket girls looking down at phuket from big buddha hill phuket thailand exploring beautiful view of phuket phuket from up top of a mountain big thai fruit

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