We’re the Solars… family of five, always in search of adventure! Not much gets us more excited than being intentional in living a good story and sharing those stories with the world. It’s our hopes and dreams as we all step into our own well lived lives, we’ll make the world a better place for all.

A bit about us. We currently live in Kansas City, Missouri with our basset hound Banana when we’re not traveling the globe.

Josh – 34 years old, husband and dad. He’s a photographer, a writer, and an artist. He loves music and painting and he reads more books than anybody you’ve ever met in your life. He’s a hippie at heart and loves sharing his love with the world.

Jenny – 33 years old, wife and mama. She’s a photographer, a writer, a speaker, and a coach for small business owners. She loves good chocolate and white wine, Mexican food and Project Life scrapbooking. She loves adventure, but can appreciate the comfort of having a place to come home to.

Max – 10 years old, the older brother to two sisters. He loves baseball the most. He’s incredibly intelligent and has a never-ending love of learning. He’s kind-hearted and sensitive… and he cares so much about animals and the environment. He has a great sense of humor and loves to antagonize his youngest sister. He loves exploring new places, but needs to take his time to build up courage for scary or thrilling new adventures.

Ava – 8 years old, the middle child. She is a people pleaser who absolutely adores her older brother. She’s super smart and reads more than any kid I’ve ever met. She’s a perfect mix of girly-girl and tomboy… you’ll often find her wearing a cute dress along with her blue mohawk bike helmet… or digging for worms in the backyard with purple sparkly nail polish on her fingernails. She’s our most adventurous kid who says yes to any crazy adventure.

Lia – 7 years old, the baby of the family. She loves deeper than anyone you’ll ever meet. She’s also a spitfire and can cause quite the fuss when she gets mad. When she’s happy, the whole world is happy. Her joy is contagious. She’s our girly, Taylor Swift loving princess who loves reading and art and imaginative play. She’s the littlest Solar and she hasn’t quite developed a love for big thrills yet, though she is very brave.