McSolars take Thailand – Getting There + Bangkok

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Note: This is post 1 of a 12 post series of our family adventure in Thailand with our wonderful friends, the McManus family.  We knew going in the journey there would be a bit rough. KC->JFK->spend the night in a hotel->taxi to LGA->Beijing (13.5 hours!)->Bangkok (6.5 more hours!). We knew there would be battles over … Read More

A Week of Adventure in Costa Rica

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Last November Jenny + I needed a week away from it all. So we booked a trip to Costa Rica, rented a tiny car and set off for some much needed rejuvenation in the lovely country of Costa Rica. We swam in waterfalls, saw some monkeys and sloths and enjoyed a lot of good food … Read More

One Magical Sunset at Griffith Observatory

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We found ourselves out in California mom free for an evening. We could’ve spent the day hanging at a friend’s house while he was working, or we could go search for adventure. We chose adventure and a beautiful evening at Griffith Observatory. I love chilling and watching sunsets with my kids. Something magical happens every … Read More