Colorado Springs: Day 5

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Our last day in Colorado we met up with the Behm family, some friends of ours who just happened to be in Colorado the same time we were. It was a blast driving up to the top of Pikes Peak and hiking around with them. Something magical about being above the tree line in the … Read More

Colorado Springs + Denver: Day 3 + 4

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I’m combining our next two days into one post. We spent Wednesday morning hiking around in Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Which was SO great, until we walked .8 of a mile the wrong way up an advanced hill. When you have a somewhat tired and grumpy 7 year old hiking in the heat, going … Read More

Colorado Springs: Day 2

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Day 2 of our Colorado family adventure took us to the Garden of the Gods and to the penny arcades in Manitou Springs. After our all day trip to the zoo, and the kids getting up a tad early, we were a bit tired before we started climbing in the Garden of the Gods. Good … Read More

Colorado Springs: Day 1

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There we were, 2 weeks before school started up again and we hadn’t yet taken a summer road trip. We realized we had a free week on the calendar and it was like the stars were aligned for us to take one. We presented two options to the kids… 1) the beach or 2) the … Read More

The Everglades Trip

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It’s been a while since we’ve gone out on a Solar adventure. So I’m glad to be able to post some images from our latest adventure to the Everglades / South Florida. We had a few days to do whatever the heck we wanted and we loved every second of this trip…including the hard stuff … Read More

New Years in Chattanooga

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We sure do love our Crazy family. People we love dearly. All brought together by time spent at the What If Conference. This was the 3rd trip our families have taken together. The first was in the Great Smoky Mountains, and the second was our spring break trip to Panama City, Florida. It’s such a … Read More

Two Weeks in Southern California

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Some frames from our two weeks spent in Southern California. Notable highlights of this trip include: Lia getting bit in the face by a horse at the Gentle Barn. She got some stitches and it’s all good, but man, it’s scary when you see blood pouring from your 5 year old daughter’s face. The folks … Read More

Disney World 2014

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At 6:45 am on Saturday, the kids sat on the couch, fully dressed and bleary-eyed. “In about fifteen minutes,” I told them, “We’re going to drive to the airport, get on an airplane, and go to Disney World!!!” They smiled and I could see the excitement bubbling inside, but it was hardly the jumping-up-and-down, ecstatic … Read More

Crazies in a Cabin

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“We’re not gonna make it up this mountain. Seriously, can you feel the van rolling backwards?” I was trying not to freak out, but I hate winding mountain roads. And it was sprinkling, so the road was wet. And our minivan is probably on it’s last leg… it’s been making this awful whirring noise for … Read More