New Years in Chattanooga

We sure do love our Crazy family. People we love dearly. All brought together by time spent at the What If Conference. This was the 3rd trip our families have taken together. The first was in the Great Smoky Mountains, and the second was our spring break trip to Panama City, Florida. It’s such a beautiful thing to see the kids bond so well with kids from all over the country. And to do this repeatedly as well. To watch their friendships deepen as well as ours. This was also the first trip we introduced the card game of Werewolf to the kids…which is a whole other story…
new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-01 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-02 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-03 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-04 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-05 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-06 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-07 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-08 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-09 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-10 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-11 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-12 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-13 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-14 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-15 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-16 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-17 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-18 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-19 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-20 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-21 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-22 new-years-chattanooga-road-trip-23

Spring Breakin’ in Panama City Beach, Florida

We sure do love our adventures with the Crazies…us and 3 other families where the number of kids outnumbers the adults. Chaos and a whole lot of fun usually ensues. We had access to a few condos in Panama City, Florida, but what we didn’t know was that it was during the college spring break period. Nuts!

Things I had to explain to my kids that I really didn’t want to…what twerking was and what beer pong was. Sadly, our kids also had to pick up lots and lots of trash all over the beach because the college kids really didn’t care. It was pretty sad to see our kids all upset because there was so much trash on the beach.

We did manage to make it over to Fort Walton Beach and Seaside to escape the craziness. We also got to go rollerskating and bowling during a nutso rain storm. All in all, it was such a great trip. Here’s a few of my favorite images from the trip…

panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-01 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-02 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-03 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-04 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-05 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-06 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-07 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-08 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-09 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-10 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-11 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-12 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-13 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-14 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-15 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-16 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-17 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-18 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-19 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-20 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-21 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-22 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-23 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-24 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-25 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-26 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-27 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-28 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-29 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-30 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-31 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-32 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-33 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-34 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-35 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-36 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-37 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-38 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-39 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-40 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-41 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-42 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-43 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-44 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-45 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-46 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-47 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-48 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-49 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-50 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-51 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-52 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-53 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-54 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-55 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-56 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-57 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-58 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-59 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-60 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-61 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-62 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-63 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-64 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-65 panama-city-beach-florida-family-adventure-66


Crazies in a Cabin

“We’re not gonna make it up this mountain. Seriously, can you feel the van rolling backwards?” I was trying not to freak out, but I hate winding mountain roads. And it was sprinkling, so the road was wet. And our minivan is probably on it’s last leg… it’s been making this awful whirring noise for months and months and I was completely certain that we would never make it up to the cabin. Lucky for us, the mustache mobile made it up the mountain, but I spent most of the trip up with my eyes closed, trying not to hyperventilate.

But, we made it. And I’m so glad we did! We spent 4 1/2 days in the mountain cabin with three other families and had an incredible time!! Between us all, we had 8 adults and 9 kids. It was complete chaos and organized amazingness all rolled into one. We spent hours huddled around tables playing cards, chatting near the fire in the living room, exploring trails, eating meals together, being rowdy and rambunctious, and of course, taking lots of photographs.

Some of the highlights of our trip:

1. making sandwiches assembly line style in the Walmart parking lot
2. Uno Attack
3. hide n seek in the dark
4. food fight
5. the donut game
6. Charades Against Humanity
7. Ghiardelli brownies
8. the horse head randomly appearing in SO many photos
9. the fog rolling over the mountains
10. the sparkler birthday celebration
11. having the realization that we were in Gatlinburg 2 1/2 years ago when we officially launched HFM!

And of course the best part was just spending time with people we love. People who dream big with us and support us and love us in spite of all our faults. And though we did quite a bit of Instagramming, our #craziesinacabin2013 adventure was very much an unplugged vacation. And it felt SO good! We barely even had internet service up in the mountains and it was a great break from real life… no email answering, no blogging, no constant Facebook refreshing. Just lots of face time with awesome people.

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