One Magical Sunset at Griffith Observatory

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We found ourselves out in California mom free for an evening. We could’ve spent the day hanging at a friend’s house while he was working, or we could go search for adventure. We chose adventure and a beautiful evening at Griffith Observatory. I love chilling and watching sunsets with my kids. Something magical happens every … Read More

Two Weeks in Southern California

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Some frames from our two weeks spent in Southern California. Notable highlights of this trip include: Lia getting bit in the face by a horse at the Gentle Barn. She got some stitches and it’s all good, but man, it’s scary when you see blood pouring from your 5 year old daughter’s face. The folks … Read More

California – Day 13 Boogie Boarding

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On our very last day in California, we decided to make the most of it and squeeze in one more trip to the beach. We woke up, packed up all our stuff, and drove to Seal Beach. The kids ran through the waves, splashing and laughing as usual. It was definitely chillier than they would … Read More

California – Days 8, 9, & 10

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We took it pretty easy on Wednesday. We had an incredible time at Disneyland on Tuesday and we kept the kids out WAY too late… and we paid for it the next day. They were all pretty grouchy and there was lots of fighting and whining, but we had some great times in between the … Read More

California – Day 7 Disneyland

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On Tuesday, we finally checked something off our summer bucket list! We got the kids ready and headed out to Disneyland California Adventure. Our kids are HUGE Disney fans and we’d never visited California Adventure, so we decided this trip would be a great time to make that happen! Unfortunately, we didn’t get out the … Read More

California – Days 5 + 6

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Sunday morning, we got up and drove out to pick up our kiddos. We headed to Josh’s grandparents’ house for a family lunch. We were exhausted from the wedding so it was super nice to have a calm day. After lunch, we loaded up the kiddos and headed down to Crescent Bay beach to meet … Read More

California – Days 3 + 4

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We woke up Friday and decided to head to the beach. When we were here in Southern California last summer, we took a trip out to Corona del Mar to go tide pooling. We had so much fun, we knew we wanted to go there again this summer. So we packed up a lunch for … Read More

California – Days 1 + 2

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Boy, we have been waiting and waiting for this vacation and it finally came. We took an afternoon flight out of Kansas City to Los Angeles on Wednesday. The kids were great on the plane ride, but the time difference really did them in once we got here. Needless to say, we didn’t really do … Read More

Adventure…and a Question

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Jenny + I recently had a day to adventure in Southern California where I was attending the Beloved Collective. As we were running around picking up equipment for the Collective, we ran through the J. Paul Getty Museum in under an hour ($15 to park, but the first hour is free…and we’re super cheap!). The … Read More