The North Road Trip – Day 10

By joshThe North 2 Comments

Any time we travel, we always have the random rough day. Sunday was that day. I even thought for sure that since the kids had a good night sleep the night before that we would be good. Turns out everyone was grumpy. I guess you can’t win them all. The thing I always find amazing … Read More

The North Road Trip – Day 2

By joshThe North 2 Comments

The hardest yet most important thing on any family road trip is keeping the kids happy and entertained while we’re driving. It would be easy enough to hand them all electronics and let them zone out for hours while we drive. But our kids tend to get really grumpy after playing video games for even … Read More

California – Day 7 Disneyland

By joshCalifornia 4 Comments

On Tuesday, we finally checked something off our summer bucket list! We got the kids ready and headed out to Disneyland California Adventure. Our kids are HUGE Disney fans and we’d never visited California Adventure, so we decided this trip would be a great time to make that happen! Unfortunately, we didn’t get out the … Read More

Road Trippin' to Florida – Day 6

By joshDestin Florida 1 Comment

Monday was a fabulous, fun-filled day! We started the morning off right with a dozen donuts from The Donut Hole. They were totally worth the calories, in case you’re wondering. We had planned on spending the morning at The Track, so we picked up our donuts and headed over there. It turns out they open … Read More

Road Trippin' to Florida – Day 5

By joshDestin Florida 4 Comments

Sunday was a light day for us. Josh and I both had wedding hangover (this is an industry term for the complete mental and physical exhaustion you feel the day after shooting a wedding), so we weren’t too crazy that day. We got the kids some breakfast and then I took them out for a … Read More

Disney Cruising – Day 2

By joshDisney {Wonder} Cruise 3 Comments

Note: This post was originally written on Monday, January 30th. I am SO not loving the two hour time difference right now. Max woke up around 6 am this morning and Lia woke up shortly after. I really thought they would go back to sleep (especially considering how dark it is in our room!), but … Read More

Disney Cruising – Day 1

By joshDisney {Wonder} Cruise 2 Comments

Note: This post was originally written on Sunday, January 29th. Well, we got a nice early start this morning. Lia woke up at 6 am local time, Max got up at 7 am, and Ava got up closer to 8 am. We ate some cereal, watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel, and … Read More