The North Road Trip – Days 12 + 13

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Tuesday, we woke up with a plan. We left Rapid City early in the morning and made our way East toward the Badlands. Our first stop was Wall Drug. I remember visiting Wall, ND with Josh on our honeymoon. We passed through late at night, so nothing was open. The only thing I really remember … Read More

The North Road Trip – Day 11

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We woke up on Monday with a plan to hit up Custer State Park and the Badlands. I’m not sure why we always do this to ourselves, but we always underestimate how long it will take to do a state or national park. Needless to say, we only covered a very small portion of Custer … Read More

The North Road Trip – Day 6

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Full disclosure: today sucked. It was probably one of the worst travel days we’ve ever had as a family. I knew we were pushing our luck keeping the kids up so late at the Mall of America. Lia had a meltdown before we even got on the road. We met some friends for breakfast at … Read More

The North Road Trip – Day 3

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You know those days where you just shake your head and wonder how in the heck it could have gone so wrong? Day three of this trip was pretty much that. Sometimes we set our expectations too high and everything comes crashing down all at once. Maybe I should have taken my own advice and … Read More

The North Road Trip – Day 1

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The hardest thing about traveling with kids is that we, as adults, don’t know how to travel like kids. We prefer to stop for breaks and meals when it makes sense, so we get irritated when someone has to go to the bathroom five minutes after we just stopped. We believe in the idea that … Read More